Calling all Night Owls! Evening Classes are Enrolling for Clinical Medical Assistant, Dental Assisting and Pharmacy Technician

Going to college to start or further your career is a big deal. However, it can be difficult if you do not have the time to take classes during traditional daytime hours falling between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. High Desert Medical College (HDMC) takes great pride in offering programs for the real world.  We offer day and evening classes.  If you have a full-time job, a part-time job or take care of your family during the day, you can still take classes at night to earn your diploma or certificate towards great programs like Clinical Medical Assistant, Pharmacy Technician and Dental Assisting.

You can get a quality education no matter what time you go to class.  At HDMC, whether you take morning or night classes, you will receive hands-on training from experienced instructors who really care about you and your progress.

And you are not alone. Whether for financial reasons or to get a jumpstart on their careers, 80% of students – including students from high school, community college, career college, and traditional colleges or universities – are working while enrolled in school according to a study by Georgetown University, Learning While Earning: The New Normal.

Balancing the responsibilities of a job and a class schedule is not easy. Nighttime classes can make it easier. If you are wondering if night classes are right for you, here are the benefits of getting your career started in the evening.

The Schedule

Taking classes later in the day allows students to work during the day and take care of family without the stress of balancing school at the same time. HDMC offers evening programs for Clinical Medical Assistant, Pharmacy Technician and Dental Assisting from 6-10pm, Monday through Thursday. Evening programs are 40 weeks in length.

Great for Night Owls

If you like to stay up late and consider yourself a “night owl”, an evening learning schedule could be a perfect choice. There is even scientific validity to the idea that some people function better later in the day. According to a study by The University of Sydney, measuring intelligence of morning people vs. night owls, the results indicated that, contrary to conventional wisdom, evening-types are more likely to have higher intelligence.

If you happen to prefer late rising, nighttime classes will be the perfect fit. You will be able to align your schedule to fit with your natural waking and sleeping patterns. No more struggling to stay awake in an 8 a.m. class. Now you can focus on learning in the evening – when you function best.

A Personal Approach

Because night classes often end up smaller in size than daytime classes, our instructors have a little more time to work with and get to know each student’s needs better. If you enjoy working in smaller groups, you might enjoy being on campus in the evening. Another benefit is with less people in class, you will get to know your classmates. Meeting different kinds of people, forming relationships that can last a lifetime, and creating a network that can build a bridge into your professional life beyond school is one of the greatest benefits of college. Night classes offer an excellent way to expand the variety of people you meet and establish a stronger network.

The Energy

Unlike morning classes, evening classes are often more energetic and interactive. Your brains have been up for hours and can be more open to learning. Plus, you had a little more time to prepare for the class assignments and/or test. You didn’t have to cram the night before for a morning class. You can always plan to study right before your classes and the information will stay fresher in your mind. Your preparation will not be separated by hours of sleep and the morning rush.

High Desert Medical College is enrolling our evening programs for Clinical Medical Assistant, Pharmacy Technician and Dental Assisting. Contact us today to get into class and on your way to a great career in healthcare. It takes less than a year whether you take day or evening classes. We offer job placement assistance and Federal Financial Aid options to those who qualify.

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