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The Benefits of Becoming a Clinical Medical Assistant

Want a great way to get into the healthcare industry? Clinical Medical Assisting (CMA) is a solid, steady way to enter the medical field. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Clinical Medical Assisting is among the fastest growing occupations over the 2012-2022 decade with projected employment growth at 29% – much faster than the […]

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Financial Aid and Veterans Assistance: Making Career Training More Affordable

Our students, and students who are Veterans, have access to affordable educational programs specifically personalized to help them begin careers in the health care industry. Also, High Desert Medical College is proud to offer Veterans Assistance, approved through the State Department of Veterans Affair. Here is a listing of Financial Aid options available at HDMC […]

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The Advantages of LinkedIn for Graduates

Whether you are just starting your career, moving on to the next chapter, or have mastered it with years of experience, LinkedIn.com has become a platform for all ranges of people to interact. With over 400 million users in over 200 countries, LinkedIn is used to connect professionals around the globe. When becoming a member, […]

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Training for a New Career Later in Life

Training for a new career later in life has become more appealing than ever before. There are many reasons why one might choose to begin or continue an education once they are more mature.  In changing times, many jobs are becoming obsolete, and people are being replaced by computers and machines. Learning a new trade […]

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Career Snapshot: What to Expect from a Pharmacy Tech Career

Although projected salary numbers or employment figures for a given profession are important, understanding the full picture of your potential new career can help you make better-informed decisions. If you think you’d like to become a Pharmacy Technician, or are currently enrolled in Pharmacy Tech School or a Pharmacy Technician Certification Training Program, it pays […]

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How good credit helps you (and ways to build good credit fast!)

From purchasing a cup of coffee by sliding your card through a machine to paying for a home, today’s economy runs on credit. Simply stated, “purchasing on credit” is when a financial organization (or a company) allows you to purchase an item based on the promise that you’ll make full payment on that item in […]

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Administrative Careers in the Medical Industry

Many people do not realize that it is completely possible to enjoy a satisfying career in the medical industry without going to medical school or nursing school. There are dozens of other professions within the healthcare industry, and there is no better time than the present to prepare yourself to work in the medical field […]

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7 Great Reasons to Become a Nurse

Whether you are considering a career change or just starting out, nursing is one of the healthcare field’s best professions. 1. Nursing is a rewarding profession. Yes, it can be stressful, but nursing is an emotionally fulfilling, rewarding medical industry career. Nurses are respected in the medical community and by the general public. You can […]

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5 Reasons a Career in Healthcare is Great for Men

Medical dramas on television often stereotypically portray men as doctors, janitors, or patients. Fortunately, those hospital TV shows are more fiction than fact. A dramatically increasing number of men are now entering nursing and other “pink collar” fields that have been dominated by women for decades. If you’re a male who is thinking about a […]

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Secure Your Future as a Pharmacy Technician

Picking up a prescription at your neighborhood pharmacy may seem like a relatively simple task, but a lot goes on behind the scenes! A team of trained professionals must make sure that medications are filled correctly, all while interacting with patients who are often not feeling well. If you’re interested in medicine and have compassionate […]

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