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High Desert Medical College (HDMC) is a nationally accredited college and a Legacy Education Institution. Our staff is highly educated, experienced and offers a winning approach to providing career training for students to prepare them for the best and hottest career fields.

To help you reach your career goals, we provide in-depth programs that give you hands-on experience in a supportive environment. On-campus studying is easy at our growing schools, which feature a media room, lounge and library. Our career school teaching staff is consistently available and encourages constant communication for the best in training.

High Desert Medical College is here for you as you walk down your new career path.

High Desert Medical College was recently re-accredited, earning a 5-year certificate of accreditation through ACCET (the Accrediting Council on Continuing Education and Training). ACCET is recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education and, accordingly, is listed by the U.S. Department of Education as a nationally recognized accrediting agency. Accreditation guarantees students that the programs at HDMC meet objective and rigorous third-party standards of educational practices.


The mission of High Desert Medical College is to educate students in career specific disciplines in the areas of allied health that match industry demands. High Desert Medical College is committed to offering a quality educational experience, and assistance in individualized placement so graduates can utilize their knowledge and skills to enter their chosen career fields.


In pursuit of this mission, High Desert Medical College is guided by the following core values, principles and objectives:

  • Integrity – By constantly striving for the best in education, we remain true to our mission, our vision, and our commitment to students, faculty, staff and investors.
  • Creativity – Our inventive spirits and industrious imaginations fuel our efforts to consistently situate the company on the leading edge of its field, and offer the latest innovations in instructional techniques and technologies.
  • Ambition – The pursuit of education has at its very core a sound work ethic, a burning motivation, and an insatiable drive. These qualities nourish our venture and drive us forward in achieving our goals.
  • Teamwork – While Legacy started with a close-knit, loyal group of educators, its true legacy will be the spirit of constructive collaboration it inspires in its students, faculty and staff.
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