5 Reasons a Career in Healthcare is Great for Men

iStock_000029713444MediumMedical dramas on television often stereotypically portray men as doctors, janitors, or patients. Fortunately, those hospital TV shows are more fiction than fact. A dramatically increasing number of men are now entering nursing and other “pink collar” fields that have been dominated by women for decades.

If you’re a male who is thinking about a career in healthcare – or you know one who is! – consider the following great reasons why a career in the medical field is a great idea:

  1. Jobs in the healthcare industry are on the rise. You may have heard that the healthcare industry is growing, and it’s true. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, more Americans have health insurance coverage and are more likely to be proactive about their own health. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that the most employment growth by 2022 will be among healthcare support jobs.
  2. Medical professionals are in demand, even during times of recession. People may quit paying for pricy restaurant meals, new clothes, and video games when times get tough, but medical attention is always a priority. Jobs in the healthcare industry are not affected by recessions as easily as jobs in other sectors.
  3. Healthcare pays! When the BLS published annual wage estimates for the top 100 highest paying jobs in the United States in 2013, careers in the healthcare industry were at the top of the list.
  4. Working in the medical field is a rewarding experience. Interacting with people and helping others means you can truly make a difference in someone’s life. Unlike many jobs, you will feel needed and appreciated when working with patients and their families.
  5. You can prepare for a new career in healthcare in just a few short months. Are you considering a career change? Regulations and certification requirements vary from state to state, but the path to a new profession in the medical field is not necessarily a long one. High Desert Medical College offers a comprehensive Dental Assistant program that prepares graduates in just nine months; a 90 week Ultrasound Technician Diploma Program; a 33- to 41-week Pharmacy Technician Certificate program, and more.

If you’re a man – or woman! – who is ready to take the next step toward a career in healthcare, contact High Desert Medical College today. Get started by stopping by either of our campuses in Lancaster or Bakersfield, completing an online form or calling us at 888-633-4362.

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